Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Update

All of the cousins dressed up and acted out the Nativity scene on Christmas Eve. Nathan wouldn't keep his costume on, so we labeled him as "a visitor at the manger". It was so cute, and the kids really enjoyed it.
Then Santa and his elf came! Each of the grandkids got a present from Santa, and he gave them good advice to "go to bed early so Santa could come back and bring the rest of their gifts". Nathan hated Santa, and couldn't get away fast enough.
Nathan got a Tonka truck on Christmas Eve from Grandma & Grandpa Taylor! He was so excited...
...especially when he discovered it honks and beeps and makes all sorts of noises!
This picture is on Christmas morning. All the grandkids had to sleep upstairs, and this is right before we let them go down to see what Santa brought. Their matching jammies are so cute!

It was a wonderful Christmas!

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