Thursday, January 31, 2008

Watching Daddy

Nathan loves to watch Derik clear the snow. He usually is lucky enough to go outside with Daddy, but since he's been sick I wouldn't let him out today. He thinks the snowblower is so cool, and he loves when Daddy sees him through the window and waves to him. There's just one thing...he absolutely insists that I watch-him-watch I had a hard time making dinner tonight!


Holly said...

This is too sweet! It makes me excited to get a little boy! :) It looks eerily similar, that big snow storm... I am going stir crazy staying inside! Ugh.

brentandcambry said...

Nathan is adorable!Thanks for sending Cyd and Melessa's info. I'm excited to hear you're ready to adopt again. We didn't know we were ready, but we're getting another baby boy due on Feb. 26th! (Brent is FREAKING out.)