Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nathan was 'Tagged'

I've never heard of this before, but Nathan was tagged by his cousin, McKenna!

I'm supposed to share 8 things about Nathan:

#1. Nathan is a morning person. Always has been, and at this rate, always will be! He is guaranteed to be up no later than 7 a.m. (which isn't that early, but it's usually earlier than that even.) On the rare occasion he does sleep in past 7 a.m., it's on a day when we have to be up, like for church or something.

#2. Nathan loves taking a bath. Actually, he loves anything to do with water. He has just discovered that he can lay down in the bath tub, and 'wiggle, wiggle, wiggle' (it's something he's done since he was tiny). He plays for a minute, and then spends the rest of his time laying down and wiggling in the water. It's hilarious.

#3. Nathan loves to dance. He gets especially excited for 'Choo Choo Soul' on the Disney Channel. It's this short little 2-minute show in-between-shows, and it plays hip-hop type music. He gets crazy excited and starts dancing all around. He's pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen.

#4. Nathan is super addicted to his mommy, and yet he really likes his daddy too. He has days where he only wants to deal with me, and other days, he is literally Derik's shadow, and Derik has to be careful not to step on him!

#5. Nathan isn't talking yet. We're not too concerned about it though. His hearing is impeccible, so we know that isn't the issue, and he's content to use his sign language for now. He says mama, dada, but doesn't really associate it with anything or anyone. He has learned his animal sounds for cow, horse, pig, & kitty. That of course, is adorable too.

#6. Nathan is a good eater, somewhat sort-of-okay sleeper, and very cuddly. He's a go-er, but he has moments throughout the day that he just wants to cuddle. He loves his blankie and binkie (we're going to have to ditch the binkie soon), they make him so happy and content. He drags his blanket all over the house, so it's always dirty. Thankfully I bought two of the same blanket when he was a baby! It's nice to rotate them around while one is in the wash.

#7. Nathan loves pillows and laying in our bed. He has had an obsession with pillows for a long time. He loves to lay on our bed and pretend to be sleeping. I finally caved and let him have a pillow in his bed, and he's pretty happy about it.

#8. Nathan came to our home through the blessing of adoption. He has the most wonderful birthmother, and we love her with all our hearts. Nathan is the joy of our lives. I cannot imagine a world without him. His smile and never-ending love fills my heart so much that it almost hurts. He fills a void in our lives that we didn't realize was there. He has the sweetest spirit, and I often wonder if there's more to the fact that he can't speak yet...maybe he'd tell us too much. I love him above and beyond everything in this world. Being his mother is the greatest gift I could ever receive.

Nathan tags...Payton, Eliza Jane, & Isabelle

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brentandcambry said...

While perusing your blog in the wee hours last night, I read this "tagged" post thinking you were talking about your husband....Imagine me thinking you were describing Derik wiggling in the tub! My brain is toast.