Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Slumber...and some other stuff

Nathan absolutely LOVES to sleep in our bed. He actually sleeps better in our bed. Is it the pillow-top, or just knowing it's OUR bed? (Of course, I remember when I was little, how nice it was to sleep in my parent's bed too!) And he really thinks that pillows are awesome. He has always seemed to struggle with sleeping in his bed. I think manufacturers could use some major improvements on baby crib mattresses, but that's a topic for another day. I also didn't know what the rule was as far as giving your kids a pillow (the whole SIDS thing). I asked several other moms, and they all told me that he'd probably be okay...so, I gave him one. The first night I laid him down, he got this shocked look on his face, and then gave me a huge grin. He slept amazingly that night. He still has sleeping issues some nights, but it is much better now!
He also loves to get out the hand mixer and "plug" it into the the stove, and then try to use the mixer. He jams the plug inbetween the handle of the stove, and the knobs...it's hilarious. He's my little helper!


Brit said...

I am so glad you found me!!! You have the cutest blog ever!! I can't believe how much snow you guys had. I wish we would get that much even though the roof thing would be a real pain!!! Nathan has grown up so much and is so cute!! Good luck with the sleeping thing Branson still sleeps in our bed!! I think we need to change that soon!!!

Gina Taylor said...

You are my blog hero! Cute new blog paper. Nathan looks huge in these pictures. He is just growing up so fast. Amazing! Cute. Gina