Monday, April 14, 2008

Late post for Easter

Grandma Taylor got each of the grandkids an Easter outfit from this fun store. The boys got shirts and sweater-vests, and the girls got skirts and shirts. They even had a "daddy sweater" on sale to match! We couldn't resisit...they look so cute!

Every year the Daddies take the kids to Storybook Park while the Mommies hide the Easter eggs for the Big Hunt. Nathan loved playing in the park!

Here all the kids are anxiously waiting for the "go ahead" to start hunting for eggs! Morgan (holding Jett), Alexa, Zac, Crew, Ty, Isabelle, & Nathan

And...a more recent family picture


Jennifer said...

Cute pictures. Thanks for your help with my blog. Don't you just love Storybook Park. It is on my kid's must do list when we go see my parents.

Gina Taylor said...

Easter was a lot of fun wasn't it? Your boys look so cute in their matching clothes. Love it!

Amber said...

Love the matching vests!!! I also love your dark hair! (insert wolf whistle here!) Good looking family!