Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Birthday Party & Island Park Reservoir

The Taylor family got together at the cabin for a week to play, relax, eat, and water ski! We also celebrated Nathan's birthday a few days early!
We were sad that Uncle Brian, Aunt Gina, Zac, Alexa & Isabelle weren't with us! We missed you!
Uncle Cory surfing behind the boat!
Nate & Ty having fun!
Uncle Steve surfing!
Daddy surfing!
Mommy and Nate watching Daddy surf!

The weather was surprisingly cooler than we'd expected, but it was still so much fun! (Mommy even got sunburned) Thanks for taking us boating Grandma & Grandpa Taylor! We love you!

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Holly said...

There's nothing better than a day out on the lake! :) LOVED the cricket story too. lol. BOYS... gotta love it right?!