Saturday, November 1, 2008

Phantom...of the Optical

So every year we try to come up with a Halloween costume that can somewhat be related to work. It's usually a stretch (or doesn't even come close), but we have fun regardless. This year we chose to be Phantoms of the Optical. The first year that we dressed up, we were the 3 Blind Mice (much to the Doctor's dismay). Last year, we were flying pigs (yeah, totally not close to eyecare). I think next year, we'll try the Wizard of Optical (I wonder who will be the crazy flying monkeys??!?!). Also, having an adult conversation while wearing these masks & glasses was anything but easy - who could take us seriously?? :) So, we just wore the capes most of the day, and put on the masks once in a while! It was fun! Thanks for putting it all together, Laurie!

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