Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving, more trains, and grass-skiing

Nathan wanted to play with the trains at Grandma B's.

But the funniest part was that he wanted to run the track right under the kitchen table. :)

And, since there wasn't any snow, and the weather was too cold to waterski, we improvised. Grass-skiing! The kids had a blast - they were pulled by the 4-wheeler all over Grandma & Grandpa's T's yard!



And, some video of Nate! We didn't think he'd try it, but he jumped right on!


Deanna said...

SO CUTE!!! I love the grass skiining. Tanner did the same thing at my mom's house over the weekend - played with my brothers' train set...Trains are SO MUCH FUN!!! :)

jennifer said...

Grass skiing looks fun!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Holly said...

Looks like it was a great Thanksgiving. The trains and Nathan are too cute! :)

Hewards said...

How did your oreo dessert treats turn out for Thanksgiving? I was sad to miss out on the finished result.

Cambry said...

How fun! I want a turn!