Monday, February 16, 2009

Sad weekend, and finger pics

This weekend turned out to be a bit of a letdown. We were supposed to go snowmobiling with Nathan's birthfamily, and were looking so forward to it, but at the last minute, Nathan & I got sick. For those of you that know me, there is no such thing as the common cold. There is nothing common about it spreading first into your sinuses and then dropping into your chest. In the end I had to get a steroid shot and start an antibiotic. Nathan on the other hand, is fantastic. Two-year-olds are so resiliant! We felt so bad bailing on you, Kory & Dawn! I hope you had fun without us, and found some great snow to tear up!

I have some interesting news to share, but I will wait until the next post to do that. Stay tuned! I think it's very exciting!

So earlier on, I said that I wouldn't post any pictures about my finger. Well, I have changed my mind...This is your fair warning: if you do not handle yucky-blood pictures, then do not scroll any further! I have decided to go ahead and post these since this blog is also used as my journal.
Again, this is your last warning: Turn back now if you can't stand to watch! :)

This picture was taken about 3 days after the incident happened

This is extremely blurry, but shows just how far down the side it goes

I've been told this is actually normal healing. This was before the infection happened

This is the scab that the ER doctor told me to allow to grow. Our doctor friend told me otherwise. It's actually a type of wound that is supposed to heal from the outside-in. Who knew? It was shortly after this picture that I had The Infection happen (see post below).

This was taken about a week ago (aka, about 2 weeks after The Infection). The coloring is insanely better. Honestly.

This picture was taken tonight. Upon going to get my shot & antibiotic, Doc told me I could leave it uncovered and actually allow a scab to happen. He says we're in the clear. Hooray! (But I am still chicken to leave it unprotected until the nail grows completely back.

Unfortunately, this is only how far I can bend my finger after being wrapped/splinted, etc. My skin looks freaky, but it's from the wrappings. opposed to my right hand, which bends nicely. I'll have to do a little physical therapy for my finger (and learn to type with it again, play piano again, cook, clean - you get the picture!).

Hooray! I think we're out of the woods! It's been an interesting winter... and, for those of you still with me...stay tuned for my news!


Cambry said...

Ahhh! OUCH! I'm so sorry. News, you say? Dare I guess?

Deanna said...

WOW!!! It DID look aweful, but is looking much better!

Too bad about missing out with Nathan's birthfamily...Hope you're feeling better.

Earlier in January, I met my little girl for the FIRST time! She's six! Me, my hubby and boys, her mom and dad and brother all got was a blast!

Can't wait to hear your NEWS!

Courtenay Beth said...

Manda, OUCH!!!! Oh man, isn't it crazy how a "small" injury like that effects like every aspect of your life?! You are a trooper, I was nastified to look, but had to anyway, its like passing a car wreck, you just hafta look. Good luck with all the phys therapy, yowza!
BTW, nathan is getting SO big and even more adorable every time I see a pic of him...those eyes! Love it! Love YOU!

Caitlin and Jared said...

We hope it is healing well and more quickly! I have to admit, I skipped most of the pictures! : )

amy and clint said...

I hope you are feeling much better! Being sick is NO FUN at all! The finger looks tons better than it did (I'm glad you posted the pics!) And I can't wait to hear the news!!! Love Ya!

Martha said...

Wow that is one sore finger. It is looking pretty good for all you've been through. Thanks for posting pics of it.

Amber said...

That looks soooo painful! I'm so glad you posted the healing pictures, it makes me feel hopeful about life again! Now, for your news.... you're killin' me here! You know better than to dangle and leave me in suspense... big tease!