Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Skiing & Cleaning

Last Friday, Derik & I skipped work to go skiing in Jackson. It was a beautiful day! So beautiful in fact, that the snow was a bit slushy. When we left the parking lot that day, the temperature was 54 degrees! We even saw a large moose on the ski run. We were just getting on the lift after lunch, and some people behind us were yelling, "Look out!". We look up, and about 20 yards away is a moose headed right for us! It was so unbelievable. The staff hurriedly got on snowmobiles to chase her away! Derik and I had such a nice time together. It was the perfect date, and much needed TLC. Thank you, Derik! I love you!

Nathan loves, loves, loves to help. He wants to help with everything. Ev.ery.thing. So tonight, when I was cleaning bathrooms, he asked to "Hep, Mom!!" How could I resist? I let him wash the mirrors, and use the toilet brush to clean the toilets. He did a great job, and was so very excited to be a big helper!
Nate has also discovered that smiling for the camera can be fun! In most of the pictures I take of him, he looks like he's in pain, so I end up taking 10 pictures to get at least 1 good picture. Tonight, he was hamming it up! He is so, so, so fun right now. He's being so sweet, and the temper tantrums have lessened (quite a lot, actually!). He is super cuddly (even with Daddy), and is constantly giving hugs or kisses to us. I'm eating it all up!


Deanna said...

he has grown up!!! Holy cow!!!

Holly said...

Sounds like the perfect day! :) A moose?! Crazy! And that Nathan, always adorable!

Kimberly said...

What a cutie nathan is! I have been horrible at blogging (both posting and checking) but i noticed your earlier posts of meeting your birthmom and finding out about where you come from, how fun and sureal! I can't believe you guys live so close to each other, how crazy! I am so happy you were able to have that experience!

leslie m. said...

Nathan is such a cute little boy. That is neat that you and Derek both like to ski. What a fun activity to do together. I hope we get to see you guys soon. Are you coming to the cabin over Memorial Day?