Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Broken Glasses

The other day I noticed something missing from Nathan's face. When I asked him to bring me his glasses, he brought me one temple piece. I took a deep breath, and asked where the rest of his glasses were. He said "Know," (translation: I don't know). I asked him to keep looking, and proceeded to help him. We found the remaining portion of the frame, minus one lens (which we also found later). The nose pieces were chewed off again (we've replaced them twice already), and the remaining temple piece had been threaded (twisted) through the opening where the lens should have been. Yikes. He's not even three, and Nate has destroyed, mutilated, and massacred one titanium frame in exactly 15 days. I thought he was doing well too! I have learned since then, to just take them away from him in the early evening. It seems the more "down-time" he has, the more he messes with them. He wears them fabulously during the day though. Anyone with advice?

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Mary said...

Holy Moley. What a cutie! I thought his glasses looked different. He is very very loved!