Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's Finally Time

It's time to start potty training Nathan.

I need advice.

I tried yesterday, but after he had two accidents right in a row, I gave up.
I know, pathetic.

So, I've got a Thomas the Train sticker chart that I found online, and I've hung it in Nate's bathroom. So far today, we've had three positive experiences with it all.

I hear that 'cold turkey' is the only way to go. Is that so?

What are your thoughts and ideas?
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Amber said...

Cold turkey is best! And an entire day of doing absolutely NOTHING except sitting with him. Set a timer to ask him every 30 minutes or so. They say if you can go an entire day with no accidents, then you are in the clear!
Good luck!!

Caitlin and Jared said...

That is pretty much what we did with Makenna too. I kept her in the kitchen (to avoid accidents on the carpet). She wore a t-shirt and her panties and I gave her lots to drink. We played games and did some fun activities and when the timer went off, she sat on the potty. She started to protest, saying that she didn't have to go, so we just called it practicing to see how good she was getting at pulling down her panties and getting on her little potty all by herself. After she had been successful a couple times and had recognized the need to go, we "practiced" less frequently. I know all kids are different, but it worked well and she did great! Good luck! I've also heard that consistency on the part of the parents is the key.

amy and clint said...

Good Luck! One thing I found that worked really well is that I had a treat that they only got when they went on the potty! (gum balls in a gumball machine is what we used, worked like a charm) But just make sure it's something he will really like and make sure you don't give it to him any other time so it's just a "special potty reward". Other than that the only advice I can offer is patience...lots of it! It's Good Times!!!

Deanna said...

I agree with Amber and the timer thing. We did candy as rewards, and just before Easter spent $500 on cavities for the boy.

It took us a year and a half...we started over four times...we're still not into underwear at night, but just started pull-ups (which I swore I'd NEVER use) and so far aren't even working...they get cold when he pees, and since it's so hot, he's all over being cold.

One thing that has worked (and I hated people telling me this) was consistency. Cheerios didn't work so well, but for some reason, "sinking the ship" worked square of toilet paper and having him aim to push it to the hole at the bottom of the toilet.

When he sat, his little pee-pee would spray between the seat and the bowl, so we're standing with him...we have to "encourage" him to sit and go poop before bed, otherwise he gets out of bed with two or three dirty diapers...not worth the $$$.

Good luck!!! for us it was just trial and error...we haven't had too many accidents, and luckily we've only had to dunk the undies once! :)

Kricket said...

Did I read this right that you guys have a new baby?! How exciting and Congrats!

Kimberly said...

here is my advice. Go with him, let him pick out some undies (lots of them, hahah, you will go through them fast) Get some potty wipes, and some fun hand soap. And that will get the initial excitement. It will be a tough week, but my kids were excited just when they got it right, so i now Save the treats and rewards for the regression, that will happen eventually, when you know that they can alreayd use the potty and they are just diliberatly not wanting to stop what they are doing. That is when you really need the rewards, hahaha!