Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Adventures at Walmart

One week ago yesterday we officially started Nate potty-training (again). By the end of the first day, I seriously considered paying somebody to complete this task for me. We had four wet accidents, and two poopy accidents. I wanted to pull my hair out.

On day two, we had less wet accidents, but I was still so frustrated. Nate even came up to me and said, "Mom, I want a diaper."

(If you can tell me that you want/need a diaper, you definitely don't deserve to be wearing one.)

As the week went on, it got a little easier. A little easier.

We have tried it all.

The stickers.

The charts (even Thomas the Train charts).

The treats.

The privileges.

Then suddenly, I dawned on me. Nate needs Thomas the Train underwear (He had only been wearing solid colors up to that point).

We go to the store, buy Thomas underwear, and I explain to Nathan that he doesn't want to pee-pee or poop on Thomas; it would make him sad (am I bad for lying??). Something just clicked.
Not a single accident All.Day.Long. Even on a 2-hour ride to Burley. Good grief. Why didn't we do this sooner?

While in Burley, Nate did awesome for the first two days.

But then it all went to pot (no pun intended).

We would take him to the bathroom at regular scheduled intervals - and he would do his business, but then almost immediately afterward, he did a #1 and #2-job in his pants twice in one day. I was so bummed. He just couldn't be bothered to break away from his cousins to take care of it or tell us he needed to go again.

So we're finally back home. Back in a comfortable environment, and back to our regular schedule. Today was a beautiful day. No accidents, and even a #2-job in the toilet this morning!! Yay!

Eli needed diapers, so we took a little trip to Walmart. I was a dork and forgot my wallet , so as we waited in the front area for a very kind neighbor to bring it to me (yes, I'm a pathetic brat...but in my defense, we've done kind favors for this neighbor too. Plus, I wasn't about to go home and come back and shop all over again...this was much faster!!). Nathan was playing with the pop machines in the front area, and I was trying to keep Eli entertained.

All of a sudden, Nate comes up to me and says, "Mommy, Nate poop!"
He was so proud.
I looked over, and he was holding a little brown pebble-sized prize for me.
I had a slight moment of freaking out in my mind.
I tell him, "Put it down, put it down, Nathan, put it down now!"

Also being the dork that I am, I didn't bring the diaper bag. I had shoved a diaper, wipes, and an extra pair of Nate's underwear in my purse (yeah, but not a wallet). I grab a wipe and pick up the prize that he'd dropped for all to see and (thankfully not step on) throw it in the trash, and we make a beeline for the restroom.

It's funny now. But in that moment, I wasn't laughing.

Just thought you maybe could use a laugh too.


*Stephanie Lance* said...

HAHAHA oh no!!! I'm laughing out loud! I'm sorry! I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, but reading it is so funny! I'm sorry that its been such a hard thing. I've heard a lot of potty training stories like that so don't worry! you're not the only one! I wish i had some tips, but i don't have any kids soooo-no tips! Sorry! But i DO love you!! Hope things start looking up for you! thanks for sharing the funny story!

Amber said...

I just saw that you won the photo giveaway!!! Congrats!

Hil and Collin said...

hahaha! thats too funny. but again, im sure it wasnt funny at the moment. and congrats on the photo giveaway! so jealous!!