Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nate & Eli update

Ahhh, Nater-Tater...

Nathan is so full of energy.
The winter has been long for him, and I feel badly that we are cooped up so much.
To pass the time, he loves to play his games: Candyland, Don't Spill the Beans, and Memory.
I tell him he is so smart, and he loves to repeat it..."Yeah, Mom, I smart.  I reeedy preeddy smart."

Nate's also taking gymnastics once a week.  I don't have dreams of an Olympic gymnast - this is simply for Nate to develop coordination & balance...but he loves it, and it has really helped him a lot.  He's cute to watch too!

I tag-team a cleaning job for the office I used to work for. 
So every-other-week, I go to the office and clean each evening.  Sometimes it so happens that I have to take the boys with me.  The other night Nate was helping me dump garbages.  He opened the bathroom door to the doctor's private bathroom.  Inside was tons and tons of stuff (they had the carpets cleaned, and everybody put the office items off the carpet into this bathroom).  So much stuff, that you couldn't even see if there was a toilet in the room.  Nate takes one look at it, and says, "Holy twaap, Mom!" and slams the door.
I suppose I should watch what I say more often. 

His favorite adjectives are "Reeedy preeddy _______."
Like, "Reeedy preeddy huge!"
and, "Reeedy preeddy stinky!"
He constantly keeps us laughing.

He can't say his 'K'  'G' or 'F' sounds yet.  
Aunt Kelsey becomes 'Aunt Telsey'.
Uncle Michael becomes 'Mi-hull'.
You're Welcome becomes, 'You're Well-hum'.
Grandma becomes 'Dwamma'.
Food or Friends become, 'Jood & Jwiends'.
I'm not trying to be critical.  I just want to remember these things...because someday, I won't remember how blasted cute this all was.

He has super-sensitive hearing too.  He refuses to watch Derik referee basketball games because "The buzzer is reeeddy preeddy loud."  So for Derik's last game he stayed home and played with Kylie & Michael  so I could go watch Derik ref. Several times before I left, Nate reminded me, "Tover your eawws, Mom!"
He even hates movies being too loud.  Sometimes the volume is so low that I wonder how he can possibly hear it from where he is sitting on the couch.

Nathan is too smart for his own good.  He will work at something until he has it figured out.

He also has a nasty temper.  And he loves to force screaming fits...he prefers an audience, so when we put him in his room to finish his fake-fit, he immediatly comes back out and tells us he's done.
Haven't figured out how to tame this phase - any suggestions?

*This looks as though Eli is angry...he is actually laughing*
He loves Eli to death.
Almost literally.
I am constantly telling him to:  Get off Eli, Please leave Eli alone, Give Eli some space, Eli needs a break...yada  yada  yada. 
And his response to anything I say is, "But I wuv him!"
....So you've said....

He is ultra loving and cuddly.  He will tell me almost fifty times a day (literally), "I wuv you, Mom!"
Very endearing. 


He loves to say the prayer (most times).  If Derik or I say the prayer, he prompts us to say the right things.  Tonight I found myself waiting for him to whisper to me what I should say.  Tonight's prayer went like this:
"Thankful for Jesus.  Thankfull for Kitty.  Thankful for Daddy, Mommy, Nate & Eli.  Bless the Pwophet (prophet). Bless the Jood (food).  Bless Daddy come home safe....
I love it. 
He says the sweetest prayers, and I don't want to forget any of it!

His eyes melt my heart.  And he knows how to use those puppies against me, too.

As for Eli...
image courtesy of Nicole K Photography

Eli is constantly changing.  He looks different to me every single day. 
He always seems to have new facial expressions, sounds, and giggles.

Eli's bottom-left front tooth made its debut just 2 days ago...we're fairly certain that the other is right behind it.  And surprisingly, he isn't drooling like a maniac (thank goodness!).

Eli's Amber came for a visit a couple of weeks back.  It was fun to have her in our home again, and she is doing so well.  We love our Amber!!
Eli is a very observant child.  He loves to 'figure things out'.  I am amazed at how he really examines his toys before chewing on them.

He has been crawling for about 2 weeks now, and is already pulling himself up to things. He even manages to get clear up to his feet sometimes!

He has done this 'London Bridge' trick for awhile now, and has even managed a time or two, stand on his head and use 'no hands'. Crazy boy!

I adore every little inch of this little guy.  He has brought us such joy and contentment.  Nathan can't seem to get enough of him; I'm not so sure Eli would say the same for Nathan, because he tends to get mauled numerous times each day, and yet he takes Nathan in stride...they really have become the best little buddies.  The other day I was cleaning the kitchen.  Nate was sitting at the counter, and Eli was in his chair as well.  Nathan looked at Eli and started laughing.  Eli looked back at Nate and started laughing with him.
I still haven't figured out what was so funny...but it was pretty darn cute.

I love being a Mommy. 
I am so blessed to stay home with these cutie pies and kiss on them all day.
It couldn't possibly get any better than this.


Caitlin and Jared said...

They are getting so big--and you are right, they couldn't be any cuter!! We are going to be visiting the end of May, beginning of June, hope we can see you guys!

LeAnn said...

Thanks for the update on the boys. Good for you for keeping a record of the charming little things they do...it goes so fast you will not believe it. We love you all tons!

*Stephanie Lance* said...

What cute little guys! I love hearing all about them! We don't get to see you guys very often so it's fun to see the updates! Nathan is so funny! He sounds like such a sweet little boy! Love you!!

Chelsea said...

It's so fun having two and seeing how much they love each other! I love the kissing picture - so cute!!!

Jennifer said...

Wow! I can't believe how much Eli has changed! He's getting so big and I didn't know he was crawling, that's awesome! Those are 2 cute boys!

Jennifer said...

Ok so "jennifer" is me...Jenny...your sister-in-law just so you know. I was signed into my gmail account not my blog account. Just didn't want you to wonder who this random "jennifer" was.

Jami N. said...

Amanda, your boys are so adorable! What a cute family you have.