Tuesday, March 16, 2010

One Year Ago Today...

And 3 of her 4 beautiful daughters.

She embraced me so warmly.

And I was able to introduce her to my Nathan, who also joined our family through the miracle of adoption.

Little did we know that the next 12 months would be full of so many events and experiences it would make our heads spin.

We have laughed and cried together.
We have shared secrets.
We have shared feelings that we didn't know we had.
We've even been shopping together.

Lori has watched us add to our family as we welcomed our little Eli.
And has watched us hurt for our Grandpa Craig.
She was with me for my 31st birthday.

Lori has come so far.
I have too.
We've discovered so much about each other.
And ourselves.
And we've both realized that we're not even scratching the surface.

Lori has helped me understand the circumstances that I came from.
She has introduced me to my birthfather's family.
And then lovingly listened as I processed those experiences as well.

She has met my mother.

And my father (as well as Derik's parents).

She has fully embraced my family and has helped me complete my circle.

Lori, Happy Anniversary!

You have helped me heal, when I honestly didn't think I needed to.
It has been a wonderful year for me,
and I hope to have many, many more.


Sheppard Family said...

What a beautiful story, Amanda! Sometimes I forget how blessed we are that Andy (and Lance and I) have a relationship with his birthparents. Thank you for all you do in the adoption world!

Mary said...

Amanda, I just finished reading your guest blogs on the r house- WOW!

May I list your blog on my blog under "Adoptive Family Blogs" AND "Blogs By Adoptees" since you have been DOUBLY blessed by adoption?

(sorry for the long comment- I couldn't find an e-mail for you)