Sunday, April 18, 2010


Last night when I was tucking Nate in for bed, we had a fun little conversation that went something like this:

Nate, who loves you?

That's right, Mommy loves you very much.  Who else loves you?

Yeah, Mandi loves you too.  Who is Mandi?
Mandi is my birthmom.

That's right.  How is Mandi your birthmom?
Ummm.  Mandi is my birthmom.

Does that mean you grew in Mandi's tummy?
Yeah! I grew in Mandi's tummy!

And then Mandi found Mommy and Daddy for you, and she placed you with us so we could be a family.
Yeah, I grew in Mandi's tummy.

Did you know that Mommy's tummy is broken?
Yeah, and Daddy's tummy is broken too.

...and then he proceeded to tell me that Eli grew in Amber's tummy too. 

This morning at church, he tried to tell me that his tummy was also broken.  I told him that his tummy was just fine. 
He said, "Yeah, it's all fixed."

I am so very glad that my boys have open adoptions.
So grateful that they can know these beautiful women for themselves.
No secrets.
Just happiness and hope.


Holly said...

HOw can we not just LOVE adoption?! So sweet. We are truly blessed. Thanks for asking us to speak on the panel last night, Zach and I both loved being apart of FSA! So good to see you too!

Mary said...

Very sweet boy Amanda! Hugs