Sunday, April 10, 2011

Master Bedroom Redo

It's been a long winter.
Very long.
I love love love having 4 seasons in the year, but I despise looooooong winters.

I needed something. 
And since I couldn't change the weather outside, Derik said I could change the inside! 

I decided to start with our bedroom.

Our entire house (ceilings included) was painted the exact same color of beige/tan/cream/whatever-you-call-it.  With our white mouldings, it doesn't look terrible.  But we've been here almost 5 years now, and I'm a bit tired of it.
Here are the before pictures (along with messy bedroom-ness):
I decided on a yellow/gray/cream/white motif.  I found a killer deal at Overstock on a yellow quilt and shams, so the yellow part was all taken care of.  Now to choose the gray walls.  It was much harder than I thought it would be.  I wanted soothing and calm, not dark and cave-like.  But all the samples of light gray looked boring and white.  Every time I tried one on the wall, it looked almost platinum white.  Ugh.  So I tried darker...double-ugh.  This last sample looked like I had plastered concrete on the wall.  Flat, dull, boring, and just plain cold!  I wanted this to be my special retreat.  This would never do!  See that color at the very top of the samples - the one that looks lavender?  It was my first sample, and actually ended up being my overall color.
  I hated it. 
 If you know anything about me, you know I hate, loathe, despise anything having to do with the color purple. 
And lavender is even worse.
So here it is at the very beginning stages of painting.  I was so nervous.  But Derik encouraged me to forge ahead.  He reminded me that we had to add the new quilt, lamps, and fabulous white (yes, white!) TV  to the wall.  (Derik did the electrical for this...he's awesome!)
I had fully anticipated this to be a me-only project, but the day our TV came, Derik was suddenly ready to help complete the task! Yay! Nate wanted to play an active part as well. :)  We had to work on this when Eli was asleep each night.

On a side note: I have never, ever done anything like this since Derik and I were married.  I have always wanted to, but could never decide on a color-scheme. 
I love clean & simple. 
Less is so so so much more to me.  So when I would look at comforters and quilts, it would be such a turn off, and I would give up on even trying to come up with something.  (That's almost 11 years of ugly bedroom-ness folks! Eleven years, of, "Oh, I guess this comforter will work for now.")  This blue striped comforter has been on our bed for the last 7 years.

Derik and I painted the first coat of the entire bedroom the first night, and finished around 11 p.m.  I was pretty disgusted with all the lavender, so Derik suggested I paint the bathroom yellow (I think to help compensate for my disappointment).  Now I went to work on yellow samples, and I found what I thought was the perfect yellow.

In the meantime, Derik and Nate went to St. George to spend time with his parents for the rest of teh week.  I decided to stay behind with Eli and finish our Master Retreat.

I painted the bathroom yellow. 
Both coats in one night. 
I finished at 2 a.m.
I hated it even worse than the gray/lavender.

I wanted to cry.

So I called Derik the next morning and told him my sob story.  I also told him I wanted it to just be the same color as the bedroom.  He laughed and said to go for it.
So that night, I painted 2 coats in the bathroom.
Again, I finished at 2 a.m.

I put the yellow quilt on the bed.
And suddenly, I was in love.
It didn't look lavender anymore.
It was gray.
Calm, serene, peaceful.

Now I needed to apply the finishing touches.
Lamps, sheets, towels, shower curtain, bath mats.

I found everything I needed at Target, and got all the "accessories" for under $120. Yay!

Here's the after:

I even painted our ceiling fan blades to match the shade of gray used on our ceiling.  They were black before, and I felt like our bed was enough black in the room. (I love our bed so much more now - I was starting to get tired of it.)  Don't you love our white TV?  I decided to omit bathroom pictures, because although it is amazing, it is after all a bathroom, and bathrooms (at our house) never stay clean.

Now I am obsessed with making pillows.  I have ideas in the works for this gray/lace-looking fabric.  I also want to make a simple gray and yellow gathered pillow.
For now, these are the first pillows I made.  I didn't even use a pattern either - I decided to "wing it!"  Not too bad, if I say so myself.    
I absolutely love this gray! If you're wondering, it's from Ace Hardware's color: Cavalier on the walls, and Venetia on the ceilings.
Absolute perfection.
I could spend the rest of my life in here.

I still need to figure out what to do with the ugliness that is our dressers.  They were freebies from when we lived in Phoenix over 7 years ago.  And ugly doesn't begin to describe them.  I also need to paint our nightstands black to match the bed, and everything will be awesome!

For our bathroom, I decided to omit yellow.  We have white towels, white showercurtain, and white floor mats.  It feels so clean (even when it isn't), and I love it!


Kricket said...

It looks great! I love the colors, it looks, clean and simple. Way awesome Amanda!

Jenny said...

I love it! You did such a good job! How fun! I wouldn't paint the night stands black though...

michael+kylie said...

yeah! I love it amanda! it looks soo good. I can't wait to see it in person! love you