Saturday, October 29, 2011

Summer 2011 Recap

The last six months, anyway.

For Memorial Day, we had a change of pace.  Generally all of the Clarks (my mother-in-law's family) go to the cabin in Island Park, but this year there was still a lot of snow there.  So we headed south to St. George!

The Moms watched kids while the Dads golfed in the morning.  Then we switched, and the girls got pedicures together! 

We walked into the salon, and the lady asked, "How many with your group?"  She was shocked when she realized that there were 20 of us.  We had so much fun!

Before the pedicures, and while the Dads golfed, we took the kids to Pioneer Park.  They had tons of fun cllimbing rocks and running around together.  And when you get to the top, it's a beautiful view.

 Eli turned 2 this year, and got a fun little swimming pool.  Summer didn't allow for too many hot days, so we had to be selective about when we used it.

 The Splash Park is always good fun for the boys too.  Actually, just for Nate at the time, because Eli was paranoid about water splashing on his head.  He didn't appreciate the cold water either.

 Nate, on the other hand, couldn't get enough.

 Soaking in the sun, and warmth from the sidewalk. 

 And of course, summer wouldn't be summer without fishing! Nate caught a fish on his first cast again!  This trip was especially fun, because we couldn't reel the fish in fast enough!

We also realized that summer was rapidly coming to a close, so made an impromptu trip to the hills to go camping.

 Eating powdered donuts until dinner is ready.


 It's so fun to see the boys be such good friends. They had a blast.

Poor Eli.  He always has some sort of battle wound.  This particular sore is from a mosquito bite about a month previous.  He cannot stop pulling the scabs off.  It makes me crazy sometimes.

More to come!


Deanna said...

your family is beautiful!!! Love the fun pictures, too!

Caitlin and Jared said...

It's great to see an update!!

michael + kylie said...

Yeah! Love all the pictures! Miss you guys!

Jessica said...

love the update. cute pics. :)

Kelso said...

it's about time you got a new post up