Saturday, February 16, 2008

Modern Technology

Isn't is wonderful? Almost three weeks ago our stove AND washer went out. Yay for us. Luckily, not all food has to be cooked in a stove, and thankfully, our friend Cindy allowed us to tie up her laundry room for two days so I could get the wash done! (Thanks Cindy!) The stove wasn't supposed to take very long to fix, we just had to wait about a week for the part to come in, but the part for our washer wouldn't come in for 3 weeks. It had been almost a week since I'd done laundry, and I waited as long as I could before bombarding Cindy's house. But on Wednesday, the repair guy came out with not only one part...but TWO! He was my hero, and I figured it was an early Valentine's Day present for me! (not that laundry is particularly my favorite thing...) I have a new appreciation for the pioneers...they never had washers, and they did their laundry by hand in the miserable cold winter too!

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Kim and Seth said...

Hey Amanda!

Its Kim Palmer. Derik emailed seth your blog site. It is so fun to catch up. Your son is so adoreable. When did you adopt him? I noticed you are ready for #2, good luck,i hope things go quickly, it is so much fun, and so nice for those little guys to have a playmate. Check out our blog sometime. i'm glad we will be able to keep in better touch. BTW how are Cindy, Craig, and Brittney doing these days?