Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nathan's Birthday

For Nathan's 2nd birthday, we went to Leo's Place. It's basically a Chucky Cheese on a very miniature scale. We went with our friends, Cindy, Brittney, Peyton, Cade & Nicole. It was so fun!

The boys barely held still long enough for pictures - they had important things to do! Eat pizza and play!

Cindy, Brittney, Daddy & Nate

After the pizza party, we opened Nathan's present at home. He was so excited about his bike!
It makes lots of cool noises!

See you later!


Holly said...

I cannot believe he is 2! Seriously?! Looks like a fun summer you guys have had!!

Deanna said...

What a cute, big boy!!! You guys have been busy this summer!!!

Jenny said...

Cameron has that same bike, it's a good one!