Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So now I'm playing 'catch-up'. Our computer crashed the day before Derik's last Master's class. This caused a bit of stress, but we improvised and just checked one out from the University (one of the many perks of working for BYU-Idaho). We were wondering what to do next: so Derik tried our computer, and it has continued to 'run' for now. We're not sure, because it would only stay on for about 2 minutes before. Hmmm. Strange.
These pictures are from Easter. The original plan was to go to Grandma Taylor's house for her annual Easter Egg Hunt. When we woke up Saturday morning to leave, Nathan had a nasty cold. His eyes were puffy, and he just didn't feel well. We felt bad that he couldn't see the cousins, so instead we took him to the Nature Park to feed the ducks.

Nate got trains/tracks from the Easter Bunny to add to his set. He was such a good sport. Even though he couldn't go to church, he let us dress him in his new Easter outfit from Gram & Gramp Taylor (thanks, Grandma & Grandpa!) to take pictures. He was pretty excited.

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