Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thomas the Train

Derik & I discovered that Thomas the Train was coming to Heber City over Memorial Day weekend. It wasn't the best timing (Derik's Master's class was still in session), but we were so excited to give him this opportunity.
So excited.
It felt like we were going to Disneyland - That kind of excited.
And we don't even love Thomas the way Nathan does.
It was a super-fast trip. We drove down Friday night, went to Thomas Saturday morning, and then drove home so Derik could finish his paper.
Very fast trip.
But oh, so fun!

Imagination Station:
The kids could play with the train sets to their heart's content! The problem was, all the trains were taken, so Nate had to settle for a car! He didn't seem to mind too much.

Before Thomas arrived, Nathan spotted a train and ran to get on. Derik had to explain that this wasn't the train we were riding. It was funny.

Temporary Tattoos:
Nathan got to choose a favorite train for his tattoo. And just who do you think he chose?...

Why, Thomas, of course!!

Then FINALLY, Thomas arrived!

I thought Nate would be jumping -up-and-down -excited, but he was wide-eyed, and soaking it all in.

After the ride, each child got to take their own picture with Thomas! As we were walking to the car, Nathan started throwing a fit because he didn't want to leave. He just kept screaming, "I don't want to [go]!!" Normally, a temper tantrum like that would annoy me, but I was thrilled that he liked it enough to not want to leave (I couldn't stop giggling about the tantrum)! It was well worth the quick trip!

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