Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Who Loves You?

Yesterday afternoon Nate was struggling to fall asleep at naptime. So I decided to go lay down by him to see if that would help him settle down.
We have this routine where I ask Nathan, "Who loves you?"
His answers range from: Mommy, Daddy, Jesus, Cindy, Kylie, Mike, Mary, and even
Ginger (our kitty), as well as many, many others.
But this time I asked,
"Nathan, do you know that I love you?"
"Who else loves you?"
"Mandi... [my] birthmom."
Too precious. I'm so glad that he knows this.
So glad he knows Mandi. And knows that she loves him.
It's a good thing to know as an adoptee...that you have twice the love.

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