Wednesday, June 11, 2008

To the end of the earth...and back

Or at least that's how it seems for me these past few weeks. I can't even begin to tell you what I've even been doing, and make it a worthwhile excuse. Plus, I can't really remember, either! I'm pathetic. (I'm also engrossed in a new book series, and simply cannot read and blog at the same time!)

We had an "almost" offer on our home this past week. A family came through our home (someone that Derik knows) twice, and spoke personally with Derik at least three separate times about the house as well. We felt fairly confident that it was all going to happen, so we made an offer on a townhome, and were excited to find that they'd accepted! Then, much to our disappointment, the family that were acting so interested decided against our house. Kinda sad, but we figure everything happens for a reason.

This past weekend, we went to Lagoon and Nathan had a blast. He didn't understand why he had to wait in line, so he would simply sign PLEASE! over and over again. As soon as he got on the ride, he was good! Here are a few pics:
He really is so beautiful...
Everytime the train (that goes over the water & by the animal-zoo) would come around and blow the whistle, Nathan would "pull the whistle" too!
Nathan and cousin Ty cheesin' it
He absolutely loved all the rides.

I was even able to sneak him on the kid's "free-fall" ride (He was too short otherwise). Derik was concerned that it would traumatize him for life, but I took him anyway...he just giggled, and giggled, and giggled, while I screamed like a little girl!

The weather has been somewhat wierd this year...a late winter that went very, very long...late spring?...if you could even call it spring. A random day-or-two of absolute heat (compared to what we're accustomed to as of late), and then cold again. For instance, today, on my way to work...SNOW. Yes, snow. S...N...O...W...snow. So strange. I hope this means that although summer comes late, it will be a long summer as well, perhaps into November??? I dare not hope.

So sorry that I haven't been around to check in on all of you. Hopefully my life will settle down a bit, and I'll be better about posting.


Candise said...

I've been wondering what you were up to! Glad to know you have been having a bit of fun. Oh, and please do tell what this fabulous series is. I am always looking for a good read.
Nathan is as cute as ever...and growing up way too fast. Give me a call one of these days, you know, when you have nothing else to do!

leslie m. said...

Cute blog pictures. I love Lagoon and can't wait to take Kaylee there soon. What books are you reading. I need a good series.