Friday, July 25, 2008

A Trip Down Memory Lane

The only people that will probably appreciate this post are my former roommates. I love going down memory lane! I just talked to one of my former roommates, Joelle, whom we lovingly called 'Jolly'. We laughed for a good hour about all of the crazy things we did as roommates. I'm still thinking about it, and here's what I remember. Late night coffee cake, no bake cookies, rice crispy treats, and french toast. The foyer' (foy-ey!). Pulling all-nighters, or going to bed an hour before class started. Leaving messages with dry-erase markers on the mirrors. Dressing up as F-chicks and posing next to a Camero in the middle of the night. Mary Kay & plastic surgery with tape. Quilting for Matt's birthday. Tampooning. Pants on backwards. Brent & Seinfeld. The boys driving Jolly's car to Vance Nelson's for FHE. Branden Taggart (I can't believe I remember his name!). Our daily dinner assignments, and eating dinner together (that's probably how we got to know each other so well...we really enjoyed food, didn't we?!?!). Cadbury eggs. "Tuta of Love...Teach me to love". The little monster from the Honeycombs cereal box. Jolly hitting Melessa's car. Our Boise boys. FHE. Bishop Nelson (I guess he wasn't really bishop then, huh). Paddington Bear & Kimmie. Thanksgiving dinner with the boys. Christmas stockings made by Cyd. Begging Kimmie not to go to work. "A-1 Hair & Nail Tech, can I make you an appointment?" Rob's mom calling our house on almost a daily basis, looking for him. Putting liquid dish soap in the dishwasher & realizing it was a bad idea. Rob, Ryan, Matt & Jeremy. Climbing the rock wall in our living room. Cambry's brown boys. Now & Then, and predicting each other's future (we never did get together in 2006!!). Cambry's Big Ed. Talking through your thumb and forefinger. Pumpkin Roll.
We also talked about how sad it is that most college students won't have the fun & crazy times like we had. Everyone has a cell phone or ipod stuck to their ears. Nobody talks or communicates, unless it's by text. So sad. Those were the days. I love you gulls! We had fun! Thanks for all the wonderful memories!

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Kim said...

Oh my gosh! How I've missed you! You have no idea how happy my heart was to find your comment! We didn't get together in 2006 and I can't believe it has been 11 years since we were all together in A-1! What good times we had - I had forgotten some of those memories! I can't remember the paddington bear thing? Remind me! Thank you for finding me! I can hardly wait to check out Melessa and Shinny's blogs!
Hello again!!!!