Friday, April 24, 2009

Chocolate Milk

Nathan is currently obsessed with Chocolate Milk.  

Obsessed, I say.

It is his beverage of choice at every meal, and every opportunity in between.  We have had to promise that he can have "choka milk" when he wakes up in the morning, just to get him to go to bed at night without it.  

But let's be honest:  I love it every bit as much as he does (It is often my beverage of choice too).  So, I'm fairly sure I'm the culprit here.  


Amber said...

So hilarious that this post is followed by the one about how hard a time you had with PiYo! Riotous! I adore you!

leslie m. said...

Kaylee and Nathan will get along great. She wants chocolate milk all the time too and I don't drink it so don't blame yourself too much. I think it is just popular with the kiddos.

The Kitchen-Cook Family said...

Amanda you are a great mom. love you guys to death.If you are worried about all the suger in the chocolate milk just get suger free taste the same..Aubrie loves that also and that is what I have done for her..