Sunday, October 18, 2009

Expensive Artist

My hours with driving harvest are very long. I start early and usually don't get home until nine p.m. or later. I was too tired to reheat Mom's dinner, so I was working on a bowl of cereal. Mom, Dad & I were visiting, and catching up on the day. We all thought Nathan was downstairs playing. A few minutes later, he comes around the corner looking like this:
It was all over his jammies, face, hands, and feet. I burst out laughing. He kept saying, "It's not junny Mom! It's not junny!" (Nate makes a 'J' sound for words that begin with 'F'). I still couldn't stop laughing. I blame it on the exhaustion.
My parents tell me that they're turning in for the night, so I decided to find the marker that started this whole shenanigan. I walk around the corner and find a Blue.Sharpie.Marker. (aka permanent marker).
I look up to see if the lid is lying nearby, and notice my parent's new artwork on their fabulous white carpet in the formal living room...

These pictures don't do it justice. You should see it in person.

Picasso would be so proud.

It appears that he crawled under the coffee table and doodled all over. The drawing is about 3 feet by 4 feet. It's huge. Upon further investigation, I discovered Sharpie art on my mom's hardwood floor, and the wall in the hallway.

I told my parents, and they came out to investigate. My dad was upset for about a total of three (3) seconds, and then he just said, "Oh well, he's only three. Kids do those kind of things. If we can't get it out, we'll just put a rug down and cover it up."

(And the whole time I'm thinking, "they're probably wishing we hadn't come for harvest...")

A few days later, my dad had the 11-year-old scouts over for their weekly activity. They walked through the front door and said, "Brother Barrus! What happened to your carpet?!?!!!"

My dad replied, "Oh don't you know? We hired a very expensive artist. He flew out from back east and did that art piece on our carpet. It's what all the fancy homes do now..."

And of course, they didn't believe him!

The funniest part? Nathan has never, ever written on himself or anything except paper in his entire life. Too funny.

My parents might be getting a new rug from Nathan for Christmas.


Deanna said...

My boys did the SAME Thing with GREEN and BLUE magic markers all over the walls! I tried EVERYthing to get it out...fingernail polish remover, mr. clean magic erasers, goo-gone, thuro, and even sea breeze. the next day my good friend suggested I try hair spray...worked like a charm. Turns out we won't have to repaint afterall! Good luck!

Mary said...

Oh Amanda! But who could be mad at that darling face!!!

Hil and Collin said...

that is too funny! i totallt thought though your dad had the scouts to come over and have a cleaning project!