Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our Nathan

Photo courtesy of Hattie Bates Photography
Our updates on Nate (now almost 3 1/2):

  • He's got so much personality!

  • He talks better and better everyday.  Sometimes he shocks me with what he can say.

  • He imitates us well.  We have to be very careful what we do or say.

  • He is obsessed with rocks.  He brings pebbles and stones in the house constantly.  It doesn't matter where we are - he will drop whatever he is doing to pick up a rock to bring home.  We have even had to designate a 'rock box' to store them in.

  • Today, he discovered Santa.  I think he always knew who Santa was, but he told me today about Santa bringing him presents.  I'm not sure where he learned it either.  It's so fun to help him be a good boy because now, 'Santa's elves are watching!'

  • I am amazed at his memory.  He remembers people, places and events so well.

  • He is getting easier to reason with.  He understands better the 'whys' and 'how's and 'becauses' of life.

  • Every.single.morning, he comes into our bedroom and says, "Wake up! The sun is up!"  He gauges his day on whether the sun is up or down.  He will look outside at night and say, "Oh, the sun is down!"

  • He talks about his birthmom, Mandi, and her daughter Aunna all the time.  He even asks if Aunna can go with us to the store, or the park, etc.

  • He is obsessed with ladybugs.  He also gets really sad if they die (because he over-handles them), or if they fly away while he's playing with them.

  • He is still obsessed with Thomas the Train.  He has asked when he can ride Thomas again?, ever since we took him down to Heber City to see Thomas, and go for a ride.  He loves his train sets, and his Thomas underwear!

  • He is officially and completely potty-trained. Yay!

  • At bedtime, he says, "Mom, Nate take a nap."

  • He adores Eli.  Sometimes a little too much. I have even walked back in the room to discover that he has picked him up off the floor and put him on the couch.  Scary.

  • He loves to help me clean bathrooms and cook.

  • He doesn't really like to pick up toys, until you sing the 'Clean Up' song, or have some kind of incentive.

  • His imagiation soars! I can't believe some of the things he thinks up!

  • He sings along with movies, videos and songs.  It's adorable.  He especially loves to sing 'I am a child of God' to Eli.

  • He still takes one nap (and needs it), but tries to fight me almost daily on them.

  • He is finally in a booster-seat, and thinks he is such a big boy.

  • He talks almost constantly to me in the car about the things he sees out the window.

  • He can sing his ABC's almost perfectly.

  • He can count to ten, and back again.

  • If we can't understand something he is trying to tell us, he is pretty inventive in communicating what he needs.  He'll usually show us what he means, or act it out.  He's very patient with us as we try to understand all of his new words.

  • He knows all of his colors.

  • Whenever he sees a stop sign, he says, "Stop, Mom!", or whenever we approach a stoplight, he says, "Stoplight, Mom!"

  • He still thinks the smokestacks on factories are a choo choo train.

  • He is very strong willed, but not malicious in anyway.

  • He has a very tender heart, and can have his feelings hurt easily.

  • He is precious, and we adore him more and more each day.

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