Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another Devil

Craving one of these sooooooo bad.
And by one, I mean
One. Whole. Bag.

I need them like I need air.

Instead, I'm going to Zumba tonight.


Christine Dallimore said...

Ha, Haaa!!! I can SO relate!!! Amanda I just wanted to thank you for the adoption links you sent. I checked out the WACAP site and got really excited! I am also LOVING your blog! What a cute, cute gal you are!!! I'm adding you as a favorite if that's o.k.! If not let me know and I will take you down. :0) I can't wait to follow your blog and see how Heavenly Father blesses your life!

Thanks Again!!!!

Hey,Hey,Paula said...

Oh no! Reminds me I forgot to buy Double Stuf and Spring yellow is at Walmart! <3