Friday, April 30, 2010

A Thief In Our Midst

The Smiths (yes, real name) behind us have a chicken coop.

And Nathan is obsessed with the chickens.

Brother Smith is kind enough to allow Nathan to help feed the chickens and collect the eggs each day. Nathan faithfully watches their yard like a hawk from our back-door at the end of each day, so he can be a big helper as soon as Brother Smith gets home from work.  Oftentimes, Nathan will come home with a few eggs, and is so very excited to show us.

Every morning Nate asks me, "Can I go see the chickens?"  I remind him he needs to wait for Brother Smith to get home from work.

Today I sent Nathan out to play.

He knows we have two rules:  1.Stay in the yard and, 2. Don't go in the street.

Well, at least he didn't go in the street.

He came inside with a bundle inside his shirt, and said, "Mommy! I got the eggs!"

He had four beautiful eggs tucked in his shirt. 

He was proud as a peacock.

I looked at the clock and thought, "Hmmm, that's funny, Brother Smith shouldn't be home yet."

So, I asked him.

Nathan, did Brother Smith help you get these eggs?

Who helped you?
I did it by mineself (myself).

What? Why?
I did it by mineself.

Nathan, that is stealing! You don't take things without asking!
(Insert a deflated look from big brown eyes.)

You are going to have to take these back and tell Brother Smith you are sorry for taking his eggs.
(Insert an even more deflated look from big, huge, brown eyes.)

I quizzed him a little more.  Out of some small (giant) miracle, he managed to climb over the 4-foot fence into the coop, tuck the eggs in his shirt, get back over the fence and home without one.single.crack. in them. 

I called the Smiths and left them a voicemail telling them what happened, and apologizing all over myself.  As soon as Brother Smith appeared tonight to feed the chickens, Nathan and I headed over to apologize.

I pushed Nathan in front of me to face Brother Smith (who was trying to hide his smile from Nate, and not doing a very good job of it. Too funny.) 
Nate said, "I'm sorry."  The look on his face was both hilarious and heartbreaking.  He was very embarassed, and was a little scared too from the expression he wore.
I reminded him to ask if Brother Smith would like his eggs back.  He complied, and asked the question as I told him to.
Brother Smith bent down, gave him a big hug and said, "It's okay, buddy, why don't you keep them this time?  You come help me take care of the chickens tomorrow, okay?"

Nate sheepishly said, "Okay.", and then ran away as fast as he could.

Brother Smith and I had a big chuckle.  I again apologized, and he completely brushed it off.  He was mostly curious how Nate managed to get inside the coop.  We tried to get Nathan to come back and show us, but he nearly broke into tears thinking he had to face Brother Smith one more time, so we let it go.

I'm dying of laughter as I write this tonight and as funny as it is right now, I'm glad we had this experience today.  Hopefully Nate's learned his lesson, and we won't have any mishaps in the future, be it eggs or whatever. 

And I'm so glad that we have understanding neighbors.


Deanna said...

What a precious story!!!

Tanner had a similar unfortunate event involving a package of Starburts at the checkout stand at WalMart. FORTUNATELY for me, I was able to explain to him that putting them in his pocket was NOT okay. He needed to pay for them...and lucky for me he didn't try to leave the register...he really thought I was going to pay for them! We may have some work to do yet. :)

Cute boys these are. :)

Martha said...

That us so cute. I'm impressed he made it over the fence with the eggs!! :)

Mary said...

Oh Amanda... What a darling boy and what good parents to teach him correctly. It is not easy. Good job! (O: It sure is a great story. Would make a great scrapbook page!

Hilary & Collin said...

omg this post reminds me when I was his age and when me and my mom went to the grocery store in the produce section, i stole a peanut. from a big the kind you can just scoop out and then just weigh it? Well, my mom caught me, took me to the front, asked for the MANAGER, made me directly give him the peanut back, ten cents, and then made me apologized. I was absolutly mortified and cried the entire time. I learned a very important lesson that day, as im sure Nate did! lolol He is so cute!