Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We Dreamed of You

We dreamed of you long before
you came into our world.
We dreamed about adopting
a little boy or little girl.
We didn't yet know when or where
or even if or how,
but we knew the child
we dreamed about
would come to us somehow.

The ocean of adoption has
a rough and tumble tide,
but we jumped into the water
knowing you were worth the ride.
And even though the journey
had some sad and stormy weather,
the prize was worth a million storms
when we were all together.

It's difficult to dare to dream of
becoming a father or mother,
when you can't control your destiny
and need the help of others.
That's why you're such a miracle-
you found us and we found you.

We dared to dream,
we dreamed of you.
We dreamed...
and YOU came true!

--Karen Burniston


Anonymous said...

this is pretty awesome! I was adopted and I think this really special!!!

LeAnn said...

That was beautiful! Nathan is a blessing to our family and he is BLESSED to have you two as parnets!!

Anne Marie said...

Hi Amanda! I'm so glad you commented on my blog! Your marinade sounds yummy. I can't wait to try it. And I loved looking at your blog. Your little Nathan is ADORABLE! He is just the sweetest little thing. I'm so happy for you. Maybe I'll see you at church in Burley one of these days!

Christine said...

Great poem! Thanks so much for speaking at our fireside last night. Your story and thoughts were so moving. :) ~Christine Marshall

The Stevensons said...

Hey it's great to see how good every thing is going with you. Nathan is sooo cute!! I was sad every time we came your way we didn't get to see you(to much family stuff). So I'm glad I found your blog its really cute. We have one too I will email it to you. I hope to see you guys soon let us know when you come into burley and we can head that way too.

Valerie and Shane Stevenson