Thursday, May 1, 2008

A little pick-me-up

Since Nathan hasn't been feeling so well, and it seems that not much will put a smile on his face, I decided spur-of-the-moment that I would get him a couple of goldfish (.28 cents each - I'm a big spender). I just felt like we needed something to liven things up for him while on the road to recovery. We went to Walmart and found a goldfish with a "Mr. T" mowhawk all the way down the top of him, and then just a regular old goldfish. He was excited at the store, but this is about all I got out of him after we got home:
So I decided to be patient, and after a few minutes, I caught him checking them out:

His lips and finger actually touched the water (gross, right?...just wait)

and then of course, he licked his finger before I could stop him! Yummy.

Hopefully his appetite will always stresses me out when he won't eat! Hang in there, little man!


Gina Taylor said...

You are such a cute mom.

brentandcambry said...

Sad as it may be, that is the cutest face around!

Amber said...

Maybe he knows a secret remedy for the sore throat that everyone else has yet to discover... or just didn't want to try to market "goldfish-water" Hope he feels better soon! :)