Saturday, October 18, 2008

Test Your Knowledge

Want to test your knowlege of The Twilight Saga? Just click this link, and see how well you do on the first three books!

Then, if you want, you can submit questions (by email) for the Breaking Dawn trivia here!

(Buttons courtesy of Here a Scrap, There a Scrap.)

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amy and clint said...

Amanda Pants!
So I just started a blog and somehow found Amber's blog which linked me to you! So Crazy! I've been thinking about you girls lately wondering how everyone is doing and it sounds like you are doing really great! Nathan is such a cutie and so lucky to have you and Derik! So we should try to stay in touch and maybe get together if we're ever around the same place(Are you guys still in Rexburg area? We are still in Utah County) Clint and I were talking about the Provo apartment just the other day and about all the crazy times there. That was such a fun time-I miss you guys!
Amy (Dorton) Jepperson