Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween and a Pumpkin

Our ward does a trunk-or-treat on our street each year. It is so nice, because it's quick, it's safe, and everybody knows Nathan & loves him!

These two pictures were taken the day we got Nate's costume. He was so excited to wear it too! (He has a nasty scratch on his nose from falling off a toy at daycare.)

After trunk-or-treat, we loaded Nathan up in the car to go visit Cindy & Craig, and some other friends. Nathan has a little friend named Andi, and he was excited to see her and wave to her from the car!

Isn't Andi a cutie?? I couldn't get her to hold still long enough for a picture!

The night before Halloween, I decided that Nathan needed to carve his own pumpkin. Daddy had to work, so we did it by ourselves (and it was scary! - it's difficult to maneuver those knives!) He had a blast pulling the pumpkin seeds/flesh out! I thought he might get freaked out by the texture of it; but, once again, he has shown me just how much of a boy he really is!

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