Friday, September 25, 2009

Eli's Blessing

Sunday was a perfect day.
Not only was it my birthday, but it was Eli's blessing day.
A very special day.

I need to share some things about Eli with you.

I wasn't able to actually witness Eli's birth, but I somehow felt him come into this world. I just knew he was here. I openly wept when I learned that he was born, and that he and Amber were okay. It was a powerfully emotional and spiritual experience.

And so very bittersweet, because we had learned only a couple of hours before that our precious Grandpa Craig had drowned in a rafting accident.
My heart ached and rejoiced.
I didn't know it was possible to feel both emotions so strongly, and at the same time.
Eli was beautiful.
He was perfect.
And I knew there was something special about him.
There are great things in store for this little boy.
I cannot explain enough what a special spirit this little guy has. Everybody that meets him comments about his 'sweet spirit'. You can just feel it pour out of him.
I wondered if Grandpa Craig would be quietly observing Eli's blessing today. As his wife, Cindy came in to the chapel, I urged her to come sit with me.

I just needed her right by me.

I needed her courage, and to hold her hand.
Eli's blessing was one of the most spiritual experiences I have been able to witness.

I was so overcome with joy and comfort, that I wept.

And wept.

And wept some more.
The Spirit was incredibly strong in that room.

After the blessing Derik came and sat back down beside me.
He handed Eli to Cindy, and continued to cry. He leaned over to me and said, "I felt that if I opened my eyes, I would have seen Craig standing across the circle from me."

Which brought me to tears...again.

I knew Craig would come.

Cindy knew he'd come.

There is just something so precious about this child...

I cannot explain it.

Several people in our ward have commented to Derik or I about the feelings & experiences they had that day as well. I am amazed at how the Spirit moves each of us.

This is Eli's blessing outfit. I didn't take the best pictures, but he's so cute, that it doesn't really matter.

After the blessing we had everyone over for lunch.
I snapped this photo of my mom, my birthmom, Lori, and my mother-in-law, Nancy.
I was too excited to see these three ladies sitting together and visiting.

This is Amber and her two siblings, Kimberly and Colter.
Derik and I were so happy they could all be to Eli's blessing day.

This picture makes me cry.
I have the most amazing parents, and the only reason I even have them is because of Lori. I have wanted a picture of the four of us since the day I met Lori.
The love that I have for these three people is unexplainable.
They have each impacted my life in numerous ways.

Mom & Dad with Lori & her husband, Kirk.
Kirk has been so very kind and understanding of me.
I am deeply grateful to him for allowing Lori and I to have the relationship that we do.
He is a joy and a pleasure to be around (and hilarious, to boot!).

My Amber, and my Eli.
This picture makes me cry too.
Amber is our angel.
She is Eli's angel.
I love adoption.
I couldn't have asked for a more perfect birthday.
I was able to spend it with the people that I love the most.


Caitlin and Jared said...

Amanda, that was beautiful, thanks for sharing!!

Holly said...

What a beautiful post! Brought me to tears that's for sure! What an AMAZING story you have Amanda, your life is filled to the brim with the goodness and miracles of adoption. I am so happy for you!

LeAnn said...

And now I am crying and crying too! How I wish every teen mom could read this post and see what a blessing adoption can be for everybody involved. We love you and can't wait to meet Eli in person!

susan said...

I think his is blessed to have a great family......

susan said...

I think Eli is the one who is blessed

Hil and Collin said...

what a wonderful experience for your family, i am so happy fou you guys! I love eli's outfit too! Also, beautiful pictures that Lookhart photography did, we swooped in our the special they were having and got pictures done too! Love you guys!

susan said...

My name is Susan, and I am Elis paternal grandma. I would like to say thank you for giving him a great home. If you could please email me, I have a few questions to ask.

Thank you

susan said...

My name is Susan, and I am Elis paternal grandma. I just wanted to thank you for giving him a great home. If you could please email me I have a few questions to ask.
Thanks again

susan said...

Hello again
I got an email from Amber asking for my email address, just wondering if she gave it to you or not. If not it is

Sheppard Family said...

What a beautiful baby! Thank you for singing at the fireside last Sunday. I thought it was so neat when we found out that your birthmother sings also! So we FINALLY have a court date...November 9th. I guess we'll become a family after all!