Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Big Man in Red

Last year, The Mcuistions had a special visitor come to their house.  Santa showed up and surprised us all! 

Even with Craig gone, Cindy decided Santa needed to visit again this year.  She said that Craig would want it that way. 

The kids were over. the. moon.
This was Nate's reaction to seeing Santa come down the stairs.  He was so excited, but got real quiet.

Nate whispering to Santa that he wanted a bike.
He's giving Santa "the look"...making sure he's committed it to memory.

A firetruck!

Santa couldn't  believe how laid-back Eli was.

Such a fun new tradition.  We love Cindy and Brittney for allowing us into their homes and lives, especially at the holidays.

Thank you!!

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