Monday, January 11, 2010

Hilarious Moment

...but also embarassing. 

Last week at church (during the Sacrament) I was feeding Eli.  He was starving and would become irate if I removed his bottle for even a second.  As the water came to me, I used my chin to hold his bottle in place while I attempted to take the water for myself.   As I was putting the cup back in the tray, Eli's bottle slipped.  In my wild efforts to salvage it, I slapped the Sacrament tray right out of Derik's hands and onto the floor.  It was a metal tray, so it was making all sorts of noises as it went down. 

Clank, Crash, Boom.

Luckily, there were only three cups left in the tray, but that still meant that all the empty cups went flying about.  Plastic cups, mind you, that also made excess noise against the metal tray as they fell.  Derik shot me the ugliest look I think he's ever given me.  I started laughing quietly, even though I felt my face going red.  What else could I do?

Then Nathan, at the top of his voice exclaims, "Mom! You spilled!"
Not once, but three times.

I continued to laugh as Derik and I franticaly picked up cups while Eli screamed in frustration.

The sweet little Deacon brought another tray back for us, thinking that I hadn't had the opportunity to take the Sacrament yet.  Derik looked at him and said, "No...she doesn't need it!"

He leaned over to me afterward and said, "Next time, let the bottle fall!"


Deanna said...

Oh, amanda!!! That is the funniest and best Sacrament embarrassing moment I have EVER heard of !!! You poor thing. I can totally see you laughing and your face going red...only because mine would have too! Too funny.

Courtenay Beth said...

hahahahahahaaaa! Oh man. Thanks for sharing! What a hoot! Don't feel bad, a little unexpected entertainment at church is always welcome!

Mary said...

Amanda that is so great! I hope you are keeping all of this on paper too. You are a darling mommy. (O: Thanks for the laugh.

Travis & Joann said...

That was pretty good. We have embarrassing moments too but that one takes the cake!

Kelso said...

this has nothing to do with this post but i wanted to let you know that i've been looking at older posts with eli, and he's definitely gotten cuter as he's gotten plumper. keep up the good work.