Friday, January 8, 2010

Nathan Update

Oh my heck, is he beautiful...

Nathan has really been fun lately.  And a handful. 

He's had a cough for about a week, and it seemed especially bad today, so we took him in...
He has the croup. 
They gave him a steroid shot and he cried and cried.  Not an "ouch" cry, but a cry that just breaks your heart.  It was as if he'd had his feelings squashed and stomped on.  My little boy was so brave, but he couldn't hold back those crocodile tears.  Poor little dude.

He has said the funniest things lately. 
For instance - the other day he was telling Derik,  "That's heabbby (heavy) Mommy."
Gee, thanks.  My sweet 3-year-old is telling me the obvious...I need a diet, and fast!  We all had a good laugh at that.
Then the next day he said it again, only this time he got in big trouble from Daddy.

Each morning Nathan comes to my side of the bed (promptly at 7:05) and whispers, "Mommy, I need chocolate milk."  I get out of bed, get the chocolate milk in a sippy cup, as he crawls into my spot.  I deliver said milk and then proceed to his bed for (hopefully) another half hour or more of shut-eye. 
I think I'm feeding the cycle here.

He mauls Eli constantly.  And occasionally, he gets too rough.  As if he has completely forgotten that he's playing with a baby, and suddenly thinks Eli can rough-house like his Daddy can!  Yikes.

He constantly does the pee-pee dance, but refuses to use the restroom, stating, "I did go potty!"
Yeah.  Like two hours ago.  Go again.  You're doing the dance.
"But I did!" 
So, we drop the subject, reminding him that if he wets his pants, he'll get a spank on his behind.
We go back to what we're doing and a few minutes later, he's making a mad dash for the bathroom.  He always, always, always just barely makes it.  Almost as if he's started going before his pants are out of the way...sometimes he dribbles a tiny bit in his pants even.  Sheesh.

He used to hate saying the prayer, but lately wants to say it all the time.  This is usually how his prayer goes:
"Bless the prophet and the kitty..."  and so on, and so on.  Then, after he finishes praying he exclaims, "I blessed the prophet!  And the kitty!"
I can't help but smile.  He's too precious.

He's a bit mouthy lately.  Not sure how to handle that one...nothing seems to be working.
He's a smart little whip.

I adore him. 

Most days.

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Courtenay Beth said...

Both of your boys are scrumptious! Love the updates!